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tomtoc Versatile Laptop Sleeve
Model : A42
Size Available: 13-13.5inch
Size Available: 11.6-13inch
Retail: $69.90w/GST

Maximum fit model size: 12.8*9.14*0.76 inch

Maximum fit model size: 11.97*8.36*0.59 inch

Organize Your Digital Life

Two sealed pockets can easily store and transport accessories such as your charger, adapter, mouse, cables as well as everyday items like your phone, wallet, cards and pens. These pockets are sectioned off into compartments to keep your belongings organized. You will always be able to find what you need, when you need it. The unconventional and unsymmetrical design of the pockets make the bag even more trendy and desirable

Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap

Soft material thick pad and fully-adjustable shoulder strap provide maximum comfort and perfect fit for everybody; The detachable padded shoulder strap allow you to use it as a handbag or a sleeve in your Backpack

Reinforced Edges and Corners

Reinforced edges and corners offer 360° protection and safeguard against any potential damage caused by accidental dropping

Ultra Protection

A specially-designed carry handle means you can transport your device comfortably and conveniently, while a ridge fitted inside the briefcase offers your device 360° protection from everything from zipper scratch to damage caused by knocks or accidental dropping. The innovative self-locking zippers have been adapted to ensure that when they are 'locked' in place, the briefcase will not accidentally open, offering increased levels of protection

Maximum fit model size: 14.13*9.87 inch

Size Available: 15-15.4inch
Size Available: 15-15.6inch

Maximum fit model size: 15.2*10.4*1.4 inch

Size Available: 14-15inch

Maximum fit model size: 13.75*9.48*0.61 inch

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